What You’ve Gotta Know About Trends On Wedding Invitation 2017

08 May 2017

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When the 2016 passes by and year turns into 2017, everything has changed in many aspects such as life and its details. The total change has greatly affected the wedding invitation design in which it looks much more beautiful with the strong artistic taste. Thus, if you want to get the amazing and memorable wedding party, you need to start with knowing the trends of wedding invitation design that can attract the invitee to come. But, if you damn know nothing about it, below some points you can learn.

  1. The use of foil stamp
    If it is talking about the foil stamp, you need to think about that it is sort of wedding invitation design that has changed over the time. In this regard, you need to know that when you put some foil stamp on the invitation, you can create the glamorous looks with the thousand bucks cost due to its jewellery-like appearance. When you want to apply the use of foil stamp, it can be used to highlight the names, dates or any other key information.
  2. Watercolor
    You might be wondering when the watercolor is combined in attempt to create the breath-taking wedding invitatin design. The various types of color can be the option for you to choose so that it can create the difference in the invitation itself. When the artistic people prefer to use watercolor as to beautify the invitation, it might seem worthless since hundred or even million invitations will never be colored by hand so that digital printing is the best option for you to choose.
  3. Illustration
    The role of illustrators seems to be so important when it comes to creating the beautiful wedding invitation design. Adding some pictures that relevant to the wedding theme will be the perfect combination in your wedding invitation letter design. Cartoon or caricature that resembles the bride or bridegroom always be the most perfect one to create the artistic invitation. Some invitation uses the illustration to show the location where the wedding is held.
  4. Names at the center part
    What is the most commonly trends when creating the wedding invitation is about positioning the names of the bride and bridegroom at the center with the use of special fonts that looks so different. To create the beautiful one, you can determine the color as well so that it will be look so attractive design. Combining the use of the names at the front page with the appropriate design also indicates that you do not try to leave the traditional fashion behind and this is how the wedding invitation design is made.

Wedding invitation design is something you need to think about since it is determined the success of your wedding party. Sending the very best wedding invitation also affects to the response given by the invitee so that you need to consider on how to create the best and attractive invitation. Combining the illustration with the special fonts and colors are the main keys that you need to consider when thinking about designing wedding invitation.

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