Founded in October 2015, Layton Enterprise is a company engaged in providing general infrastructure in Indonesia. With 5 years of experience in civil construction, mechanical and electrical construction, and power solution, Layton Enterprise is one of the leaders in the telecommunications infrastructure. Until now, Layton Enterprise has managed a lot of telecommunications companies that spread throughout Indonesia.


Having a broad experience in executing and helping a lot of brand found their identity, Layton Enterprise entrusted us to refresh their branding and create cohesive and consistent branding throughout all of their channels. They wanted to emphasize their specialization as a telecommunications tower providers throughout their brand identity.


1. Create cohesive and consistent branding throughout all of their channels.
2. Identifying visual identity strategy for Layton Enterprise.
3. Utilize Layton Enterprise mission as its brand positioning.
4. Tight deadline.


Aimed for professional, we incorporated essential elements for Layton Enterprise while keeping the simplicity of the logo and giving it a little bit of bold touch. We bring Layton Enterprise mission ‘Shaping a great future together’ into reality, by putting them on their brand identity. Green, red, and blue is picked as their brand color, conveying the message as a leading company in telecommunications infrastructure.

The branding consisted of a logo, company profile, stationery, and a website. An even simpler interface makes Layton Enterprise website is easy to navigate and ensures it is simple to use.

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