PT Hexpharm Jaya (HJ) is a subsidiary of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) that specifically operates in the fields of development, production, and marketing of generic medications. As a part of Kalbe, PT HJ always follows the same standard of quality, starting from R&D, provision of ingredients, to the production processes to manufacture quality products.


As a distinction with other generic products, HJ launched a new appearance for their products with blue-colored packaging. The blue-colored packaging is also aimed to simplify the identification of HJ Generic medications as well as preventing the risk of it getting mixed with other products that have a similar physical characteristics. To increase brand awareness about this change, HJ teamed up with Pelangi Sentral Kreasi to launch an offline campaign.


1. Increase brand awareness about new appearance of HJ Generic.
2. Emphasizing HJ unique positioning as a generic medication company.
3. Creating design in different formats.
4. Short period of time to finish it.


To increase brand awareness, Pelangi Sentral Kreasi came up with the idea of making personal healthcare products such as face-mask, paper bag, and also t-shirt. We keep the design as simple as possible, so that the key message ‘HJ Biru, Kualitas Paten’ could become the point of view. Blue is used as the majority of color. And to provide more information, we provide an easy to access plus easy to read pamphlets.

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