Fitkom is a kids multivitamin products in gummy and tablet format with yummy taste. It contains multivitamins and minerals that help kids to grow healthy, active, and smart. As a part of Soho Global Health, leading healthcare company with a more than 70-year history and have a core competency in natural health care products, Fitkom is a market leader in kids multivitamins segment and also chosen as a TOP brand.


As a multivitamin product intended for kids, Fitkom wants to appeal targeted consumers with fun and eye-catching appearance in retail outlet. They want to reach more customers with a fun and colorful way, thus they contacted Pelangi Sentral Kreasi to help them.


1. Eye-catching and functional promotional products.
2. Maintain branding consistency in every product.
3. Creating design for different formats and stands out among competitors.
4. Providing more information about Fitkom.


Throughout the year, Fitkom has utilized every type of advertising product to help promote the brand. Now, teamed up with Pelangi Sentral Kreasi, Fitkom creates a shelf-talkers to better communicate the idea and offer additional product information. Just like the packaging, the self talkers designed with bold colors and colorful Fitkom’s cartoon figure. In addition, it improves in-store experience for customers as they are able to make quicker and more informed purchase decisions.

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