Supported by over 45 years of clinical data in 18 countries and in over 30 clinical studies, Ensure provides complete and balanced nutrition for adults. With 28 essential vitamins and minerals, Ensure not only contains the nutrition that your body needs, but also contains high-quality protein for muscle and tissue repair, calcium for bone health, and Vitamin D to support normal muscle function.


Adults naturally start losing muscle around age 40, and this number can accelerate with illness and injury. Thus, Ensure creating a simple test, namely stand4strength, to help healthy adults check if in the future they are at risk of not being able to walk, and to help adults, especially aged 40-60, take the necessary precautions. Pelangi Sentral Kreasi is chosen as a partner to provide promotional gifts for participants.


1. Practical and eco-friendly products.
2. Showcasing Ensure unique attributes.
3. Aligned with the campaign (stand4strength).
4. Personalized or custom gift-wrapped.


After countless discussions with our internal team, we decided to use simple and balanced design, using three key colors such as navy blue, light grey, and dark yellow. For the products, we picked a handkerchief with linen material wrapped in a gift box.

The final products for Ensure’s promotional gift proved to be both practical and eco-friendly while showcasing the unique attributes of Ensure. It also creates a universal product that could be used long after the stand4strength challenge. Ensure was thrilled with the results, making us once again successfully nailed our client needs while having fun in between!

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