Getting Your Product Found in a Crowded Marketplace

Founded in 1971, Combiphar is a modern consumer healthcare company that produces and markets more than 200 prescription and over-the-counter quality and affordable products to its consumers, including its legendary OBH Combi cough syrup. Combiphar has recently been ranked 2nd among local pharmaceutical companies recognized as “Indonesia’s Most Reputable Healthcare Brands 2015” (Onbee Research/SWA, May 2015) in terms of brand equity, customer loyalty, and customer experience.


Management at Combiphar felt that they aren’t leveraging its merchandise enough to its best advantage – consumers are just not responding to their products zaisplayed at retail outlets. It needed an extra push to arouse consumers’ awareness and interest and increase sales. It turned to Pelangi Sentral Kreasi.


Lack of consumer’s interest in product and poor sales figure are the primary concerns while the underlying factor that contributes to these findings is that the product isn’t noticed by consumers among other similar products on retail shelves.


The team at Pelangi Central Design understands that in order for products to stand out and get noticed by consumers, it needs to differentiate itself among competitors and utilise shelving space to work in its favour.
A brochure was also designed to educate doctors.


72% increase in product awareness

23% increase in social media engagement

18% increase in brand recall

By introducing the self-talker attached to retail shelving space and educating doctors via brochure, Combiphar saw an increase of 72% in product awareness by consumers, 23% increase in social media engagement, and 18% increase in brand recall.

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